Alister [KJV]

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T he word Alister, appears on 13 occasions in the KJV: NT


Alister Lowe does not appear.

Neither Alister John.

Likewise, John Lowe.

Alister John Lowe does not appear in the KJV: NT.

John occurs 2,138 times. The factors of this number are [1069 x 2].

Lowe appears on 11,961 occasions. The factors of this number are [443 x 3 x 3 x 3]

At ELS -541, it commences in John 19:11

There are four other important facts to consider with the numeral, 541: [This information is from Vernon Jenkins: it is used by permission.]

1. 541 is the Numeric Value of the word, Israel.

2. 541 uniform circular counters may be set out on a flat surface to form a perfect Star of David, or hexagram, and Israel is thus observed to possess the symmetrical form of its own national emblem - a fact that defies logical explanation - for there exists no evidence to show that this coincidence was intended!

3. these figures each have 37 rows of counters - 37 having a particular significance in the numerical structure of Genesis 1:1 37 is the number of the Word of God

4. 541-as-hexagram has 12 sides, each comprising 10 counters; the first clearly relates to the number of the tribes of Israel; the second to an essential anatomical feature of man, and principal collective unit, or radix, of his numbering and measuring systems.