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The Bible Code Matrix

Observe that the Keycode [Jesus Christ] is perfectly vertical. The term Lambskin intersects the keycode perfectly, three letters on the left and three on the right, at precisely the same angle as that of the latitudinal arm of the cross in the Whirlpool Galaxy!

Discover 'The Matrix!'The Matrix commences at Jeremiah 51:56, Letter 57 and concludes at Joel 1:12, Letter 38. It spans 313,884 characters of the surface text.

Jesus Christ starts at Ezekiel 6:1, Letter 2 and ends at Daniel 2:34, Letter 1. The count is 43,590.

Lambskin starts at Joel 1:12, Letter 38 and ends at Jeremiah 51:56, Letter 57. The count is -17,443

The Matrix has 8,718 Characters between the rows and comprises 37 (the Word of God) rows and 36 columns,

It is composed of 1,332 characters.

This is the ONLY occurrence of Lambskin intersecting Jesus Christ in the entire Old Testament. It portrays Jesus Christ as the exclusive Lambskin (Covering) that is provided by God Himself!