Lambskin - Conclusion

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Whether peering into the vastness of the heavens, or the minute molecular construction of the human body, the Bible Code, numeric values or the sacred text of the Bible itself , all reveal the same thing: the ONLY covering for man's sin is the shedding of God's blood on the Cross of Calvary. The provision is God's and His alone. The decision must be made indvidually to embrace Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour.

Have you done this?

Pray this prayer now:

Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying on the Cross for me. I realise that the man-made garment of fig leaves is insufficient to cover my sin. I repent of my sin. I receive you as my personal Lord and Saviour. I thank you for the gift of eternal life. I thank You for the provision of lambskin. I pray that from this moment on, other people may see Jesus living in my life. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.