Introduction to the Feast of Trumpets




The Feast of Trumpets is a vital teaching in the current stage of Christian Church development.

This is precisely where the church is located in the appointments of God’s time clock. This is present truth, the significance of which is not to be glossed over lightly.

That there is a fulfillment of this feast for the church there can be no doubt for the Word of God is at once both physical (literal) and spiritual.

There is a precise application to the Old Testament people which was fulfilled in minute detail. This immediately becomes prophetic of the church for one of the fundamental principles of God is first the natural, then the spiritual 1 Corinthians 15:46

The Overall Scheme of Things
Chart: Feasts of the Lord

Beyond Pentecost

The Feasts of the Lord portray the history (Restoration) of the Christian church in minute detail.
Passover reveals salvation through the Blood of the Lamb. This was the truth restored under Martin Luther in 1517. It shook the foundations of established Christianity to the core. Europe was set ablaze with the cry: "Justification by Faith." A return to the Bible established the motto: 'The Scriptures alone; Faith alone; Grace alone.' The Counter-Reformation, instigated by the Jesuits, stood powerless against the onslaught of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
If the current cry of "Going home to Rome" is valid, then Luther was a heretic, the Reformed Movement was a lie, and the doctrine of Justification by Faith is heresy.
What do you believe in this regard? Think carefully. Your answer will direct you to your eternal state with or without God!
But church history is simply not a "one shot" affair. This teaching exposes the fallacy of the Evangelical Church world and its belief structure, "You get it all when you become a Christian."
Pentecost shows this not to be the case.
When the Children of Israel were extracted from Egypt, God led them to Sinai (shadowed in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit), there to receive the Law, the Priesthood, the Sacrificial Offerings, the Tabernacle of Moses and the Feasts of the Lord. These teachings are treated with disdain are excluded from many Bible School curriculums. We certainly have become wise in our own conceits.
How many of the 613 Laws are we familiar with? The Jewish Encyclopaedia reveals these do's and don'ts, positives and negatives as 365 negative commandments supposedly corresponding to the veins in the body, or the 365 days of the calendar year. The remaining 248 positive commandments correspond to the supposedly 248 bones in the human body.
Was Sinai the destination of the journey, the ultimate in the purpose of God?
No! The first Pentecost was a wilderness experience. It was "en route" to Phase 3, to Canaan, to the Promised Land.
It was here that God wrote the Ten Commandments on Tables of Stone. [Under the New Testament, the Law of God is written in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.] You see, the Law kills but the Spirit gives life.
With these five teachings the disciple is to become absolutely familiar. These are what God gave.
This is why the two End-time books of the Bible are Hebrews [which cannot be understood without the Old Testament shadow of the Law, the Priesthood, the Sacrificial Offerings, the Tabernacle of Moses and the Feasts of the Lord] and Revelation. Hebrews, with its doctrine of perfection, is shyed away from. It is constructed around the greatest day in the Old Testament Calendar, the Day of Atonement. These five teachings and two books lie at the heart of what is to be achieved under Phase 3.
One of the great maxims of British Law is that any section of the law cannot be correctly understood without a prior knowledge of the whole law.
So it is that the church came to Pentecost. In church history this was fulfilled when God poured out the Holy Spirit in Topeka, Kansas in 1900 and Azusa St, Los Angeles, in 1906. We have had 100 years of Pentecost
When the Holy Spirit came, it turned the Evangelical church world on is head. It persecuted Pentecost, but to no avail. The Pentecostal arm of the church has prospered without precedent.
But is this the end? Is there anything more?
Proverbs 4:18 But the path of the just is as the shining light that shines more and more unto the perfect day. [or, day of perfection]

As surely as the three primary colours, yellow, red and blue, break into the seven colours of light, red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo and violet, so the Three Feasts of the Lord, Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles, break into the seven foundational (first) principles of Hebrews 6;1, 2.
The third Feast cannot be ignored!
The doctrines of resurrection life, eternal judgment and perfection cannot be swept under the carpet.
You see, the God of nature is the God of the Bible. Nature and the Bible are harmonious!
They are both fashioned by the one God.
The objective of God is yet to be realised.
As surely as Joshua led the people into the Promised Land, so will Jesus Christ lead His people into the fullness of the promises of God. He (Jesus) will build a church against which the gates of hell will NOT prevail. What a far cry from what is evidenced as Christianity in the Western hemisphere today.
1 Corinthians 10:11 And all these things happened to those [as] examples, and [it] was written for our warning, on whom the ends of the ages have come.
The greatest method God uses to speak to his people is types. It is the most prolific.
The greatest type in the Bible is the deliverance of the people of God from Egyptian bondage (Salvation), their course to Sinai (Pentecost), and entry into the Promised land (Perfection)
The Christian Church lies at the crossroads of its destiny. Will we ignore the foundation of what has gone before, or will we build and advance to perfection according to the will of God?
When this visitation arrives the Pentecostal arm of the church will dig its toes in. It will oppose it. It will fight. It will do everything in its power to survive. Severe persecution will come from this quarter. But God will prevail. The church will go to Phase 3.
[It will be noticed that there is a number after each word/phrase of the text.   This is the Strong's Concordance number and appears  here to facilitate
ease of operation in accessing word definitions which is so important.   It will be clearly seen that there is a vast difference between a  silver trumpet and a ram's horn.]