The Antichrist - Pattern of Antichrist

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P attern of Antichrist


Three - Twelve - One Falls 

Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer - Archangels - Lucifer 

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob - Tribes of Israel - Reuben 

Joshua - Spies - Sethur (666) 

Father (Voice), Son (Lamb), Holy Spirit (Dove) - Disciples - Judas 

Sun, Moon, Stars - Crown - Antichrist 

In each instance, the fallen one arises in the presence of God, or of His elect! 

Trinity - Anti-Trinity 

Father - Dragon 

Son (The manifested, numbered One) - Beast 

Holy Spirit - False Prophet 

888 (Jesus, in the Greek language) - 666 (Revelation 13) 

The word for beast, in the Book of Revelation, appears 37 times (symbolic of the Word of God). 

Every triple digit number, as above, will always be divisible by 37!