Cattle Mutilation 12

Chapter 4, Part Two


Cattle Mutilation - The Unthinkable Truth

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Chapter 4, Part Two -

The UFO Mystery

T he actual cause of that total Northeast electrical blackout of 1965 of what was supposed to be a completely "fail-safe" grid has never been satisfactorily explained. The explanations that have been given have the appearance of a cover-up. Shortly after that, there were widespread and suspicious power outages in Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota and Texas, as well as abroad in Italy, Peru, England, Finland, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Mexico. (Aliens from Space © 1973 by Major Donald E. Keyhoe (USMC) Ret.)

There have been persistent reports of radio contact with UFOs and claims that such contact is fairly common. While a few scientists are giving public thought to using expensive equipment to communicate with remove stellar systems, it might be that ham operators and teenagers with cheap walki-talkies are accomplishing essentially the same thing much closer to home. There are even claims that ordinary radios have received UFO communication - when the power switches were off!

Some of these alleged UFO communications might be hoaxes, but using the airwaves for such hoaxes seems too serious an offense for a ham operator to risk losing his license over. In January of 1954, people throughout the Mid-West heard a strange voice on their radios, some of which were turned off. "I wish no one to be afraid," the voice warned, "although I speak from outer space. But if you do not stop preparations for war, you will be destroyed." A similar message was picked up in London. (UFO Report, Winter 1975, article by John A. Keel)

On August 3, 1958, having been previously tipped off by contactees, ham operators throughout the U. S. reported picking up something strange on the 75 meter international band. One ham called it, "the most powerful signal ever picked up." It lasted for two and a half hours and was repeated in English, German, Norwegian and the spokesman's own language that listeners described as a "musical gibberish." Listeners had time to call friends and neighbors, even in other states. It was the same message that preparation for nuclear war would lead mankind to disaster. Several weeks later, the U. S. fired a series of high altitude nuclear devices over the Pacific. (UFO Report, Winter 1975, article by John A. Keel)

Sometimes while UFOs are being seen in an area, a rapid fire gibberish that sounds like a speeded up recording can also be picked up at very low frequencies. Americans and Russians have ultra expensive and ultra secret equipment operating at those frequencies, allegedly to communicate with submarines. Some independent researchers wonder if they might be designed either primarily or secondarily to intercept more exotic messages.

Another aspect of the UFO phenomena is the contactee, those who claim to have seen UFO occupants, or to have communicated telepathically with them, or to have been aboard their ships. What is their story? What kind of creatures do they claim to have met? As a rule, they are represented as shy, retiring, non-violent folks who scramble aboard and take off like a flash as soon as they have been observed sampling the soil, water, plant life, or garden produce. this type tends to be somewhat elfin, four feet tall or less, in metallic jumpers and sometimes helmeted. They appear very strong, wiry and tough enough that being bowled over by a shotgun blast does not seem to seriously hurt them.

Some are said to be tall, with high foreheads, intellects and principles. Others look and act so normal and nonchalant they could easily pass for a neighbor living across town - as some contactees claim they often are. Or others might be a mixture of those types aboard a ship.

What appears to be a universal characteristic among them, or at least among their contactees, is an equality of sex. the pilot is as likely to be a woman as a man, some of which are said to be extremely attractive, and none have been described as downright ugly. On the other hand, people have apparently been terrified by monsters accompanying UFOs, large, horrible, and even horribly smelling apparitions that sometimes send the dogs yowling home to cower under the bed for a few days.

Wherever there's a real communication, the message seems to be the same. They are peaceful people from up in the sky somewhere, are concerned about our destructiveness, and almost invariably about our nuclear capabilities. Apparently they all think that's something we can't handle. Nor, apparently, can all contactees handle their UFO experiences, since some seem to have sizable blocks of time unaccountably missing from their memories. It is claimed that under hypnosis and other techniques, it has been shown these persons were taken aboard UFOs and subjected to intense, but gentle physical examination. (The Interrupted Journey © 1966 by John A. Fuller.)

Sometimes contacts with UFOs, or even seeing them, has been a severely upsetting experience leading to emotional distress, inability to hold a job, or a family, even to premature deterioration and death. A few contactees are apparently elated by their alleged meetings with extraterrestrials. At least as many and probably more have found their contacts profoundly disturbing. For better or for worse, it seems to be a watershed type of experience from which one is never the same afterward. One's inward orientation is altered, maybe discovered, by just as likely lost.

One of the more bizarre aspects of all this is the so-called MIB syndrome (Men In Black). Some private UFO investigators who feel they might have gotten too close to the heart of the thing claim they have been shadowed, or interviewed, or threatened by some mysterious Men In Black who come and go in big black Buicks, or Chryslers, or Cads without lights or license plates under the most disconcerting circumstances. Whether these visitors represent UFOs, or the Air Force, or the CIA, or are even more immediate emissaries of hell, has never been made perfectly clear to the public. (They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers © 1956 by Gray Barker and Saucer News, Fall-Winter 1968-69.)

The easiest assumption is that those characters are CIA undercover agents at work in their dirty trick category. If so, they can at least be credited with a morbid sense of humor. There are times, however, when the threats get too internal and psychic for that explanation to adequately cover the circumstances. That is, unless the CIA knows how to effectively stick pins in dolls. It could well be that all of the parties interested in UFOs - heaven, earth and hell - find MIBs occasionally useful.

These and other phenomena surrounding UFOs and cattle mutilations, are distinctly uncanny and otherworldly. They tell us that whoever goes here must skate quickly over very thin ice and be prepared at any time to start swimming in some very chilling water. What these things are all designed to do, in essence, is supply a powerful impetus toward judgment - an explication and analysis of what's primarily inside us and really makes us go. The important and really determinate thing is not what's "out there." It's what's "In here" that is ultimately rewarding or terrifying.

Nothing appears more evident or more frustrating to UFO buffs than the fact that information on the subject is being distorted and concealed, not only in the U. S. and Russia, but by authorities the world over. This, of course, is vigorously denied. Also it seems impossible to pinpoint the source of this censorship, if it exists, or to agree on the reasons for it.

There's the old saw that the public would panic if they discovered the earth was under surveillance by aliens from outer space. That's ridiculous in view of the fact that a large and vocal part of the population believes that any way and a great majority of the people strongly suspect it. That argument can't hold water with anyone who has the least faith in the democratic processes or believes that the people have the right to know and to make their own decisions and are also capable of doing that.

Many UFO sightings are profoundly, even shockingly, convincing. There are instances on record of that happening to generals, admirals, congressmen, senators, and cabinet members. When people of that rank look to the Air Force for an explanation only to discover that their so-called investigation is really nothing but a flim flam, a whitewash, and way of explaining reports away by making them appear ridiculous, they have been known to hit the ceiling. Nevertheless, it's interesting to notice that nothing ever comes of that. There's no public breast-beating or congressional probe that really blows the lid off the thing. Why?

Admittedly those who are in a position to oversee all U. S. intelligence and know in detail the purpose and results of any secret study or installation, know a lot more than the rest of us know. Why, for example, are all military personnel shut up, sworn to secrecy and threatened if they talk about UFO activity they might have seen? It's an open secret that fighters pursue and try to down UFOs, that several have crashed and others have disappeared completely from the radar screens monitoring the interception with no trace of them being found. These are secrets that military security keeps out of the news. (UFO Report, Winter 1975, article by Stanton T. Friedman.)

Until the late 1960s, the Air Force maintained Project Blue Book to receive and investigate all UFO reports. It was a pitiful operation, manned by a few harassed junior officers and non-coms, with a basic questionnaire that was "amateurish, almost cleverly designed in certain cases to get the wrong answer and lose track of the facts." (Congressional Record, July 29, 1968, testimony by Dr. Donald H. Menzel.) It's obvious now that Project Blue Book was only a cover. For most of its life, it was probably an unwitting cover. That, of course, is by far the best kind.

Many of the people most interested in UFOs, for example NICAP (national Investigations Committee for Aerial Phenomena), the best known and most respected of the private investigative groups, headed by Major Donald E. Keyhoe (USMC Ret.) a prolific writer on the subject, seem to have something of a vendetta with the Air Force. Or more accurately, it might be with the CIA for the constant whitewashing, stonewalling and subversion of all accurate public knowledge on the subject. There's more to it than that, however. So we'd do well to be more sympathetic to Air Force Intelligence and try to understand the difficulties of their point of view.

Major Keyhoe, with numerous high level military and Washington contacts, reports that it is the "CIA's belief that the public can never be prepared," for the truth about UFOs. "But accepting such a hopeless attitude is a grave mistake." He also goes on to say that: "At first, it might seem too difficult for our world to accept alien beings - even if they are similar to us. But continuing to mislead the public will only increase the problems, leaving our people unprepared for any landings and contacts." (Aliens from Space © 1973 by Major Donald E. Keyhoe (USMC) Ret.)

Before joining in such a blanket condemnation of the USAF and the CIA, we should consider that the highest intelligence services have access to far more factual information than anyone else has, things that Major Keyhoe and his like minded critics don't know. We must assume that they have learned from hard factual evidence that the truth is such that the general public can never be prepared for it, and that the situation is in fact that hopeless, that UFOs represent the ultimate force, the armies of heaven, the heavenly hosts. And their purpose for coming here is to administer the ultimate poison to the powers of this present world and terminate this planet as a place for human habitation.