Cattle Mutilation 8

Chapter 3, Part One

Cattle Mutilation - The Unthinkable Truth

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Chapter 3, Part One

Bounty On Devil Worshipers

"...the cattle mutilators have managed to stir up and make enemies of EVERYBODY, almost. Witches and devil worshipers hate them as much as anybody and claim to be even more actively working to bring them to justice and destroy them. In fact, "there is a war going on in Colorado Springs. The weapons are not M-16 rifles or tanks, but tarot cards and magic circles. The battle is taking place between a group of magicians, a witch and their enemies - the cattle mutilators."

-The Gazette Telegraph, Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 8, 1975

Satanic cults?

There is a wide variety of theories on who the mutilators are and why they are doing it. And there is a bounty on devil worshipers. "I don't know what happens to cattle in Kansas and Nebraska, but ours in Colorado did not die of natural causes," said Glenwood District Attorney Tucker. "I say it could be a religious cult since there were so many similarities in the slayings. I'm told that some of the people who use them (organs and skins of animals) march to a different religious drum. I've been in the cattle business for a long time. this isn't the common variety of cattle rustler. It's of people, I'm sure, who believe they can cast spells on other people. They're your uncommon variety of crazy. It's a weirdo deal."

The Record Stockman reported, "An Episcopal priest doubts the surgical executions are being done by Satan worshipers. The cult has to be of a new origin, and operate under a new set of ritual values."


But the predator theory is by far the more convenient explanation. That says no crime has been committed. The varmints, except for eagles, have no legal protection. The rancher can be allowed to take care of the problem and the public can be allowed to forget it. "A lot of people don't want to think that something like this is going on. Consequently, they want to blame animals," said Yellowstone County, Wyoming Deputy Sheriff William Caton. (The Billings Gazette, Billings, Montana, September 14, 1975.)


Another theory is that the animals have been struck by lightning. "Recently, one sheriff reported a bull had been hit by lightning. Lightning, mind you! And its left eye, left ear and sex organs were cut off!" (Los Angeles Times, September 11, 1975.) Or maybe these things have been done by "strong-stomached pranksters" who come upon a dead animal at night and cut parts off to keep publicity going. (The Denver Post, September 21, 1975.)

Secret military operations? CIA?

One fairly widespread idea is that it's being done secretly from Ft. Carson. A respondent to a Pueblo street poll on the subject said, "I don't know. I've heard that some people think Ft. Carson has a lot to do with it since they want some of the land for their projects." (The Star-Journal, Pueblo, Colorado, October 5, 1975.)

Extraterrestrial Life Forms and Advanced Technologies?

Another theory, perhaps the leading one among the people closest to where it's actually happening, is that UFOs are responsible. "It's being done by someone from outer space," was one sidewalk respondent's answer.

Actually, a lot more people probably accept the UFO theory than any of the others that have been put forward. "At least the UFO theory attempts to answer nearly every question that has arisen, while other theories - including that of a Satanic cult using helicopters - do not." (The Gazette Telegraph, Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 3, 1975.) But the UFO theory has lots of problems, too. The major one is that for a number of interesting reasons, the influential opinion makers who create the climate of acceptable ideas in the world today hate UFOs.

Terrance Mitchell, a former Minneapolis TV reporter who claims to have collected material on approximately 3000 cattle mutilations in the U. S. since 1969, believes there are a number of odd links to UFO sightings. For one thing, he claims to have taken aerial pictures of circles melted in the snow around mutilated animals. "Somebody is doing these things, and doing them for a reason," Mitchell said. "I don't know who is doing it, but I get the feeling they are doing it to scare people. They're doing a good job, too. I just wish I knew why." (The Billings Gazette, Billings, Montana, October 1975.)

A Colorado Springs based group, the Esthetic Sciences Organization, that studies UFO phenomena with specially designed mobile electronic surveillance equipment, believes it knows why. "What we are experiencing in the current flap of animal mutilations is continued extraterrestrial investigation of this form of life," a spokesman recently told The Gazette Telegraph. "They are taking organs that have to do with sustenance and reproduction of animal life on earth as well as communication, and leaving what they don't need or desire. UFO research has shown that in many cases, a body - human or animal - has literally been raised into the UFO." (The Gazette Telegraph, Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 17, 1975.)

Law Enforcement Has No Answers

"An overflow crowd of people gathered at Kiowa, sparked by an earlier meeting held in a different location in which some ranchers demanded that rewards be posted on a dead or alive basis. The emotional strain on the residents was evident throughout the meeting. Many of them were bleary-eyed. Carl Whiteside, Director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and heading the animal mutilation investigation, told the crowd which overflowed the courtroom out into the hall and foyer and down a flight of stairs that the only thing positive in the investigation so far is that 'we have a large number of dead and mutilated cattle. This is a senseless crime. ...But we will find a solution. We will resolve this thing in the end.'"

Cattle mutilation is such an abrasive issue that anyone can come out and have his ax ground on it. From New York, we are told that all this is only preliminary leading up to a Satanic cult's real goal: the mutilation murders of human beings. (Saga Magazine, November 1975.) The leader of this cult, according to Saga magazine, is a confirmed racist convinced that the white plans are to liquidate "inferior" peoples. They especially hate liberals. So, their death wish list includes Hubert Humphry, Edward Kennedy, Edward Brooke, William Proxmire, Bella Abzug, Barbara Jordan and Ralph Abernathy. As an afterthought, George Wallace got thrown into the same death list.

Puerto Rico Cattle Mutilations

From Puerto Rico comes an opposite story in a letter to the American Humane Society in Denver, Colorado, from Mrs. Dolores J. Tudder, Amigos De Animals, Inc., De Fajardo, Puerto Rico:

"Although our cattle mutilations have diminished here in Puerto Rico..." There, too! But without doubt, the mutilations have been worldwide. "I would advise strong concentration on the investigation of ANY African influenced West Indian cultures, especially Trinidadian and Haitian aliens. and black supremacy groups and also East Indian groups practicing reincarnation ceremonies. Mohomet followers and Theosophists should also be investigated, as well as people of Cuban descent. Any of these, as well as young political groups, could well be resorting to the mutilation of animals to impress others of the power of their black magic spells."

The average American does not go much for those who worship the devil and practice witchcraft, which in a measure explains the blame currently placed on witch cults and devil worshipers. But the cattle mutilators have managed to stir up and make enemies of EVERYBODY, almost. Witches and devil worshipers hate them as much as anybody and claim to be even more actively working to bring them to justice and destroy them. In fact, "there is a war going on in Colorado Springs. The weapons are not M-16 rifles or tanks, but tarot cards and magic circles. The battle is taking place between a group of magicians, a witch and their enemies - the cattle mutilators."

Pendragon, a magician, claims his group has been working on that since August 1975 because the mutilators are giving cultists a bad name. "They are making it impossible for us to practice magic outwardly. We are using both material and occult methods to get any tangible lead to a breakthrough. We feel we are getting close." (The Gazette Telegraph, Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 8, 1975.)

Satanic Cult Theory Really Government
Misinformation Diversion from Real Truth?

The prime source of the devil cult idea has all the earmarks of a very high level government propaganda plant. The pseudo official story has surfaced all year long from a number of diverse sources. APRO's expert investigators swallowed it. Saga magazine featured it. Various other news outlets have "stumbled" onto the story. All are essentially the same and go like this: "An intensive report completed by an agent with the Department of Treasury Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for the U. S. Attorney at Minneapolis, has connected this year's rash of cattle mutilations with a nation-wide 'religious cult.'" A copy of that report has been obtained by the Journal Advocate in Sterling, Colorado. (Ranchland Farm News, Simla, Colorado, January 15, 1976, taken from an article by Bill Jackson of the Journal Advocate, Sterling, Colorado.)