David Flynn

The following material is gleaned from research by David Flynn

It is used with his permission


David’s research is impeccable and meticulous. It can only be described as brilliant.

When researchers had given up on interpreting any message from this formation, David went to work.

The following crop formation was discovered in a field at Crabwood Farmhouse, Pitt, near Winchester, Wiltshire, England in August, 2002.

59 and 33

T he image is 390 feet (120 meters) in length and is 240 feet (73 meters) wide. The disc is 100 feet (30 meters).

A readable code ASCII [American Standard Code for Information Interchange] is found within the disc. This American Code was developed in the 1960’s.

There are 26 words:

Beware the Bearers of False Gifts and Their Broken Promises.

Much Pain But Still Time


There’s Good Out There.

We Oppose Deception

Conduit Closing (Bell Sound).

(The bold words are those emphasised by David Flynn)

Close examination of the alien reveals 59 line of horizontal resolution. The disc in the crop circle bisects the exterior of the frame. There are 33 lines that compose the disc. This number is highly significant to “illuminated fraternities” and their rank.

When 33 is subtracted from 59 the sum is 26; the number of words in the code and the number of letters of the English language in which the code was written.

When 59 is multiplied by 33 the product is 1947, the year of the Roswell crash.

33% of 59 is 19.47

The code is a system of binary 8 digits.

001 equals one symbol and is co-related to a keyboard.

Within the 26 words of the ASCII code, there are 151 characters. When this figure is multiplied by 33 (the number of lines in the disc), the product is 4,983, which is exactly the distance in miles along the curvature of the Earth from the latitude and longitude of the crop circle in Winchester, England to the Roswell crash site! [33.33.33N and 104.59.26 W] The latter figure is obtained by multiplying 33.33.33 x pi (3.14159265) which gives the crash site longitude.

When 151 is added to 33 the sum is 184, the number of days transpired in a year until 04 July, the date of the Roswell incident in 1947!

Further, there are 151 characters of 8 bits. 151 x 8 = 1208, and 1208 is the distance in miles from the latitude of the crop circle at Wiltshire, England and latitude 33.33 degrees N, the latitude of the Roswell crash site.

This crop circle was well-received in Europe, while America when seeing the English code, dropped it. However, Roswell is in North America.

When 33 is multiplied by pi (3.14159265) the longitude of the Roswell site is shown: 33 x 3.14159 (103.67) 104 W!

There are two dimensionalist constants that function independently of mathematics:

They are 19.47, the surface area of a tetrahedral divided into the surface area of a sphere, used extensively by Richard Hoagland in his Mars research.

Pi: 3.141592653 These two features link Mars, the crop circle at Wiltshire and the alien Roswell crash site.