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Officially Released Documents Confirm Contents of

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BROOMFIELD, Colorado, 9 September 2002. The Majestic Documents investigation team has just posted five new documents to the website that support the authenticity of the "Majestic 12 First Annual Report." The entire contents of the "First Annual Report" can be downloaded at:

1. Important documentation has surfaced at the Public Record Office, Kew, England, that validates information contained within Entry 7, Annex C of the First Annual Report. The entry refers to an incident that allegedly occurred on 14 October 1943 when a number of Foo Fighters were seen during 8th AF Mission 115 over Schweinfurt, Germany. The validity of this incident was for many years questioned by numerous researchers and investigators, as the official records on the case could not be found. However, they have now been located in the U.K. by British author and researcher Andy Roberts. The British Royal Air Force document on the incident acquired by Roberts confirms the facts in the Annex C, Entry 7 account as related in the First Annual Report. Nick Redfern's paper on this new revelation, "Validating the First Annual Report: An Important Development," can be downloaded from a new section of the site: British Public Record Office.


2. Also available in the new British Public Record Office section of the website is an official British Ministry of Defense document on what is perhaps the most controversial entry contained within the "Majestic Twelve First Annual Report": the linkage between UFOs and biological warfare research. Entry F in the First Annual Report states:

Biological Warfare Programs

BW programs in U.S. and U.K. are in field test stages. Discovery of new virus and bacteria agents so lethal, that serums derived by genetic research, can launch medical science into unheard of fields of biology. The samples extracted from bodies found in New Mexico, have yielded new strains of a retro-virus not totally understood, but give promise of the ultimate BW weapon. The danger lies in the spread of airborne and bloodborne outbreaks of disease in large populations, with no medical cures available."

Until the time that the "First Annual Report" surfaced, there was no official or unofficial documentation in the public domain that made a connection between UFOs and biological warfare. However, a document has surfaced officially at the Public Record Office, Kew, England, that also makes a connection with UFOs and biological warfare. The document is one-page in length and is dated 6 May 1950. It is a memo for the attention of the British Ministry of Defense's Scientific and Technical Intelligence Branch and is titled Subject: Bacteriological Warfare Article. As this document makes clear and as can now be verified officially, there were sources within the British Ministry of Defense in the early 1950's that were interested in both bacteriological warfare and UFOs. Not only that: reports on both subjects were being sent to the MoD's Scientific and Technical Intelligence Branch under cover of the same memoranda. The document can be downloaded at:


3. Of the many and varied entries contained within the "First Annual Report," Point 6 of Annex C is certainly one of the most intriguing and refers to an incident that occurred at Maury Island, Washington State in June 1947. According to a local resident, Harold Dahl, a UFO was seen to malfunction over the harbor and spewed a large amount of unidentified debris into the water. Dahl, his son and two colleagues collected the debris and showed it to Dahl's boss, Fred Crisman. The story was passed on to Ray Palmer, a magazine publisher, who subsequently arranged for Kenneth Arnold (the pilot whose 24 June 1947 sighting was largely responsible for the coining of the term Flying Saucer) to interview Dahl and Crisman. Following the publicity that the case attracted, two Army A-2 intelligence personnel from Hamilton Field (a Captain Davidson and a Lieutenant Brown) arrived at Maury Island on 31 July 1947. They interviewed Dahl and Crisman and flew back to Hamilton Field on the next day with some of the disc fragments on board. However, on the journey back, their aircraft caught fire, crashed and Davidson and Brown were killed. Supposedly, the disc fragments were never recovered. Speculation has existed ever since the events in question that the aircraft was sabotaged to prevent Davidson and Brown from reaching their destination. There is also much speculation surrounding Crisman, and rumors suggest that he was not an innocent party in the affair and was linked with the world of intelligence and may have been tied to the wartime Office of Strategic Services. Below is the relevant extract from the First Annual Report:

The death of two Air Force counterintelligence officers in the crash of their B-25 aircraft enroute to Hamilton AFB, California, after interviewing two auxiliary CG men who reported six UFOs over Maury Island, Washington, in June 1947. CIC agent Crisman had spoken to Kenneth Arnold, who on 26 June 1947, had reported a flight of UFOs over Mt. Rainier, Washington, and filed his report after he had spoken to Captain Davidson and Lieutenant Brown. The material given to Davidson and Brown was believed to come from Maury Island and may be celestial fragments containing metal from a nuclear reactor from a UFO. Fragments were turned over to CIA agent Shaw, and Crisman was ordered to the Alaskan ADC for assignment in Project IVY.

In our ongoing validation project, we have posted in the Personnel section of the website the FBI's officially released file on Fred Crisman and the Maury Island incident - all of which combined reveal a wealth of information on the events in question and on the life of Fred Crisman. More importantly, the data backs up that contained within the "First Annual Report." The file is forty pages in length and contains: (a) an August 1947 employment application that Crisman made for a position with the Atomic Energy Commission; (b) information on Crisman's wartime work in the U.S. military; (c) his post-war employment; (d) his relationship with Harold Dahl who was the prime witness to the UFO incident; (e) the recovery of the unidentified debris at Maury Island; (f) Kenneth Arnold's involvement in the case; (g) the media coverage of the events in question; and (h) the involvement of Davidson and Brown and the mysterious crash of their aircraft that resulted in their deaths and the loss of the debris. The FBI file can be downloaded at:

4. Furthermore, we have posted to the FOIA section of the website three pages of officially released documentation that confirms the data contained in Annex C, Entry 10 of the First Annual Report. The relevant section of the Report reads thus:

On 24 April 1949, engineers and technicians from the White Sands Proving Ground observed a elliptically-shaped object moving in an eastward course at very high altitude. The object was discovered while tracking a Skyhook balloon through a theodolite. The object appeared whitish in color and pale yellow at the tale end. The object was estimated to be two-and-a-half times as long as it was wide. It was difficult to see any structure of the object, as it was moving at a very high speed. The object was observed through a theodolite for approximately one minute before disappearing in a steep climb. The object was estimated to be traveling at an altitude of over 60 miles.

The three pages of documentation that we have posted were found in the official UFO records of the Air Force's Office of Special Investigations at the National Archives and Records Administration, Maryland. They are: (a) a one-page report on the case and (b) a two-page witness statement attesting to the reality of the event.


5. Posted to Theodore Von Karman's MJ12 Personnel Page of the website is a four-page document on one of the most important players in the MJ12 story: Dr. Theodore von Karman, Secretary of the Scientific Advisory Board, USAF, whose name appears in both the "First Annual Report" and the "White Hot" document.

Included here is a document found in the files of the U.S. Air Force's Office of Special Investigations at the National Archives and Records Administration at Maryland. The document is dated 12 May 1949 and is titled "UNKNOWN (Aerial Phenomena), Review Reports" and concerns a 27-28 April 1949 meeting at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, where Dr. Joseph Kaplan of the Air Force's Scientific Advisory Board reviewed official reports of unexplained aerial phenomena. Interestingly, the document reveals, Dr. Kaplan had been ordered to conduct the review by none other than Dr. Theodore von Karman. This demonstrates a clear and undeniable official link between von Karman and UFOs. The document also refers to the involvement in this issue on the part of the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project. The AFSWP is referred to in the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Summary as having secured the site of a UFO crash in July 1947 at Oscura Peak, New Mexico.


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