The Majestic Documents

The Majestic Documents

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Authenticity Ratings

Introduction to Authenticity Ratings

High Level of Authenticity – 80 – 100%

Medium – High Level of Authenticity – 60 – 80%

Medium Level of Authenticity – 40 – 60%

Medium – Low Level of Authenticity – 20 – 40 %

Low Level of Authenticity – 0 – 20%

Documents Dated Prior to 1948

Memo to George Marshall from FDR, 27 February 1942

George C. Marshall to Franklin D. Roosevelt, 5 March 1942

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memo on Non-Terrestrial Science and Technology, 22 February 1944

Oppenheimer-Einstein Draft, June 1947

General Eisenhower Memo to Col. K. W. Ireland, 30 June 1947

Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Field Order, 4 July 1947

Vannevar Bush Letter to President Truman, 5 July 1947

Directive to General Twining by Eisenhower, 8 July 1947

Directive to General Twining by President Truman, 9 July 1947

Air Accident Report by Twining to Headquarters, 16 July 1947

Metallurgical Lab Personnel Lt. Gen. Nathan Twining to Curtis LeMay: Meteorological R & D Memo, 18 July 1947

Counter Intelligence Corps/Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Report, 22 July 1947

CWO Marcrau Memo to Commanding General Army Air Forces, 12 August 1947

Flying Saucer Analytical Report, 2 September 1947

Hillenkoetter Memo to Joint Intelligence Committee, 19 September 1947

Twining's "White Hot" Report: Mission Assessment of Recovered Lenticular Aerodyne Objects, 19 September 1947

Malcolm Grow to Lt. Gen. Twining - Aero Medical Laboratory, 20 September 1947

Lt. Col. Tucker Memo to Office of Air Surgeon, 22 September 1947

Secretary of State Marshall, Memo to The President, 24 September 1947

President Truman to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, 24 September 1947

Memo to General Spaatz, 25 September 1947 (with Cantwheel commentsl; retyped copy)

Secretary of State Marshall to President Truman, 25 September 1947

Twining's Report to The President, Parts I-V, 26 September 1947 Secretary of State George C. Marshall to Carl Humelsine, 27 September 1947

"Unidentified Aircraft Sightings Over the United States," Top Secret Eyes Only Intelligence Estimate, 30 September 1947

General Vandenberg to Chief of Staff, 17 December 1947

Documents Dated 1948 – 1959

Hillenkoetter to Truman: Majic Black Book Summaries, 11 February 1948

Majestic Twelve Project, 1st Annual Report, Cover Page, 1948?

CIA JOIA Memo, 12 April 1949

White Shot Memo, October 1949

CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence, 30 October 1950

Communist Propaganda Charging United States with the Use of BW in Korea, 20 August 1951

Majestic Twelve Project, Purpose and Table of Contents, Summer 1952?

Majestic Twelve Project, Annual Report, Summer 1952

Truman to Secretary of Defense, 24 October 1952

Annex C Fragment

Eisenhower Briefing Document, 18 November 1952

President Eisenhower to the Director of Central Intelligence, 4 November 1953

SOM1-01: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal, April 1954 Part 1, pages 1-13

Part 2, pages 14-25

"Nature of Survey" Fragment, 1955

Bowen Manuscript, 1959? (14 page sample)

Documents Dated 1960 – 1969

John F. Kennedy to Director, CIA, June 1961

Operations Review: The MJ-12 Project, by Allen W. Dulles, 5 November 1961

Authority of Director of Central Intelligence Clarified 1962

Marilyn Monroe Document, 3 August 1962

CIA Director R. Hillenkoetter to Donald Menzel, 19 September 1963

John F. Kennedy to CIA, November 1963 NSA Intercept, 12 November 1963 - TOP SECRET UMBRA

Source S-1 to Cooper: "Burned Memo" Cover Letter

Burned Memo, pages 1–2 1963

Burned Memo, pages 3–9

Isotope Thermal Thrusters and Applications - ASTIA 28710

Summary of National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP) Cases, 12 pages

Documents Dated 1970 – present

UFO Sovereignty Over Air Space: A Defense Intelligence Problem, ~1976

Unidentified Flying Object Implication for Nation Security and Human Survival, December 1976

Edward Teller's Pitch to President Reagan for SDI, ~1980s

UFO Technology and the Imbalance of Power by Edward Teller, ~1980s

Aquarius Teletype, 17 November 1990

Aquarius Briefing Document, undated (cover page only) S-Aircraft Drawing and Memo by Thomas Cantwheel, 30 January 1996

Handwritten Note from Salina to Tim Cooper, 5 June 1996


Unidentified Flying Objects, The CIA, and Congress, Essay by Source S-1

Important Memo from Source S-1, 7 July 1999

Suggestive Fiction

Whitley Strieber's 1989 novel, Majestic, is a fictionalized account and interpretation of the events at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The book contains the text of a number of "documents" created in the wake of the event – some of which are attributed to the Majestic Twelve group. Listed below a brief summary for each of the documents. There is good evidence that Strieber's assertion that the "documents" were nothing more than fiction created by him (and not leaked to him by insiders) is indeed correct. One example of this can be found in Document 1 that appears in my version of the book on pages 34-44 and that is dated 8 July 1947 and titled National Board of Estimate Intelligence Estimate on Flying Disk Motives. Under the section of the document titled Detailed Analysis, you will see a reference to a case from 1871 that involved a man named William Robert Loosley. In reality, this encounter never happened and the "case" is actually extracted from a fictional story written in 1979 by David Langford. David's story is titled Account of a Meeting With Denizens of Another World. In other words, as this can be verifiably shown to have been written by Langford for a 1979 fiction book, it cannot have appeared in a 1947 U.S. intelligence report.

National Board of Estimate Intelligence Estimate on Flying Disk Motives

Top Secret Army Air Force Intelligence Estimate Memo to Wilfred Stone

Carswell Army and Air Force Base Press Conference

Interrogation of Roswell Witness

Disappearance of a PFC Burleson

Establishment of the "Majestic Agency"

Autopsy Report #1

Autopsy Report #2

Unconventional Aircraft

Related Photographs

Envelope containing first 4 photographs below, handwriting reads "Examined at NPIC and Evaluated at CIA." Stamped “TENTATIVE SECRET, FORWARD TO MAJCOM”

Back of Photograph, stamped “TENTATIVE SECRET, FORWARD TO MAJCOM”

At approximately 8 PM on 12 July 1965 J. Douglas Stewart of 100 Second St. Athens Ohio took this picture with a Pentax camera with 135mm lens with a 1.8x Barlow creating a focal length of 243 mm. The film was Kodak Plus-X 35mm film, which was underdeveloped to reduce image contrast. (developed in D-76, 1:4) This entire event was witnesses by Dr. and Mrs. William. Stehr, Mrs. Claud Kantner and Mrs. Scott Wilson.

Johnson Island, October 1961

Norway, July 1957

April 16, 1946 Crypto

Area 29

Autopsy Photo 1

Autopsy Photo 2

Kennedy, MJ-12 Group

MJ-12 Backchannel Photo 1

MJ-12 Backchannel Photo 2

MJ-12 Backchannel Photo 3

MJ-12 Backchannel Photo 4

MJ-12 Backchannel Photo 5

MJ-12 Group Photo